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    collect them all! (and pick your favorite.)

    by nylon 2011-12-26T00:00:00-05:00

    We put out fifteen NYLON covers in 2011: 1/11: Mila Kunis 2/11: Leighton Meester 3/11: Kate Bosworth 4/11: Abbie Cornish 4/11: Emily Browning 4/11: Jamie Chung 4/11: Jenna Malone 4/11: Vanessa Hudgens 5/11: Emma Roberts + Rory Culkin 6/11: Florence Welch 8/11: Olivia Wilde 9/11: Christina Ricci 10/11: Elizabeth Olsen 11/11: Rachel Bilson 12/11: Dianna Agron And we love them all. We've put every one in our gallery section - click through and vote for your favorite!

    Tags: models, kate_bosworth
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