nylon beauty awards 2014: the highlights

looking good.

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We're still obsessing over Beauty's Most Wanted 2014--the huge feature in our September Fashion Issue--where our editors, readers, and favorite It Girls picked their must-have beauty products in nine different categories. Now, as a NYLON.com exclusive, we're hooking you up with highlights from the gorgeous awards, as curated by senior beauty editor Jade Taylor!

Scroll through to get a preview below, then make sure you scoop up the issue with cover star Aubrey Plaza to find the full, totally awesome list. Bonus: You'll find exclusive photos from our official Beauty Awards Party after our highlights!


Category: Hair
Category Highlight:Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme - $40
Why We Love It: "This is all you need to never had a bad hair day again." - Natalia Lopez de Quintana, hairstylist


Category: Skin
Category Highlight: Dr Macrene 37 Extreme Actives Cream & Anti Aging Cream - $295
Why We Love It: "This is the miracle face cream! It hydrates, lightens spots, and restores your face’s natural glow.” - Hannah Bronfman, co-founder of Beautified app


Category: Eyes
Category Highlight:Urban Decay Naked3 Palette - $54
Why We Love It: "Just lots of gorgeous nudes and shimmering shades to keep your eyelids looking dewy and sun-kissed.” - Chelsea C., reader


Category: Lips
Category Highlight: Charlotte Tilbury ‑ K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick ‑ Nude Kate Palette - $32
Why We Love It: "
Not too beige, not too pink, with just enough warmth, this is the perfect nude.” - Robin Black, makeup artist


Category: Face
Category Highlight:Yves Saint Laurent 'Touche Éclat' Radiant Touch - $41
Why We Love It: "
I call these pens my ‘magic markers.’ They not only erase shadows and conceal imperfections flawlessly, but also deliver a soft bounce of light that wakes up your complexion.”-  Roxy Saffaie, makeup artist


Category: Nails
Category Highlight:Essie "For The Twill of It" - $8.50
Why We Love It: "
Dark and mysterious, when it hits the light just so, it could look like a greeny gunmetal or deep silvery purple and it’s 100 percent magical.” - Miss Pop



Category: Body
Category Highlight:The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter - $20
Why We Love It: "
Leaves skin so soft. It contains coconut oil, and as Lena Dunham put it: ‘Coconut oil seems to do literally everything. It’s the James Franco of oils.'" - Nina S., reader


Category: Fragrance
Category Highlight: Diptyque Eau de Lierre eau de toilette - $90
Why We Love It:
"I’ve never had so many compliments about my perfume as when I’m wearing this one. It’s light and leafy.” - Oh Land




Our awesome September Issue + exclusive Beauty Awards drinks menu!

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NYLON Editor In Chief, Michelle Lee

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