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    Lookbook: Dark Deeds

    feeling witchy

    by Sydney Gore 2015-10-16T13:30:00-04:00

    Photo by Max Papendieck

    Here at NYLON, we're super-obsessed with all things witchy. We believe in the power of women and are fully convinced that we are magical beings. With Halloween creeping up on us, we've been feeling extra crafty and experimental about our style. 

    Naturally, the theme of this lookbook is "Dark Deeds," and it was shot at Duff's Brooklyn, an authentic metal dive bar and hidden gem tucked away in Williamsburg. Each look has a dark twist that falls somewhere between the goth and grunge spectrum. There's something here for every girl, whether you want to look ultra mischievous or drop-dead glamorous.

    Peep all the spellbinding looks in the gallery, above—these treats might just do the trick for enhancing your fall wardrobe!

    Photographer: Max Papendieck
    Makeup: Dillon Pena
    Tags: fashion
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