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    three different makeup looks, one palette

    and the realness on senior beauty editor jade taylor's makeup palette inspo.

    by bianca iarrobino April 20, 2015

    photos by brayden olson

    Our month-long Sweet 16 celebration with Memebox continues. We caught up with NYLON beauty editor Jade Taylor on what exactly went into birthing the NYLON x Memebox #ItGirlPalette.

    As both a consumer and resident makeup guru, it was important for Jade to fully deliver on a product that would be approved by NYLON-girls far and wide. “As a beauty editor, I know exactly what consumers (myself, included) want from an eye shadow palette," she said. "However, the NYLON consumer is a bit different: They despise anything boring. So my main focus when choosing these colors was to find the perfect balance of wearability and uniqueness, with a strong emphasis on having the palette be super versatile.”

    So, she created a palette of bright, shimmering colors that can easily transform a beauty look from day to night with simple layering and blending. Experiment and play around—there are only two rules with this palette: Have fun and use the shades to enhance your individual look.

    Check out the gallery to see three different super-cool makeup looks. Then, pick up your own palette at NYLONshop and Memebox.

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