summer style, from the streets

urban nostalgia

photo by erin yamagata

This summer, wear your New York nostalgia on your sleeves with street style fashion sure to call back memories of sweaty block parties, open fire hydrants, and music blasting from every open van.

Stylist Blake Vulgamott stepped in to show us a thing or two about street style in our June/July NYLONshop spread featuring Wilhelmina model Elena Sartison. Vulgamott mixed textures and fabrics for outfits that look impeccably raw, while slicked back hair and bold eyeliner complete the look. Also, those Floss Gloss nail charms really made a statement. Flip through our gallery to check out the looks and bring the streets to your wardrobe here at NYLONshop.

Photographer: Erin Yamagata

Model: Elena Sartison
Stylist: Blake Vulgamott
Hair: Matthew Tuozzoli with hair products from Oribe Products
Makeup: Janessa Pare
Nails: Jessica Tong