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    One Direction's 13-Minute Carpool Karaoke Video Is Golden

    riding in a car with the boys

    by Hayden Manders December 16, 2015

    Viral videos longer than, like, three minutes are too long. But if it’s One Direction, the people will tune in. Hell, they could film a video of themselves sleeping and people would watch all eight hours of it. 

    Today, we have a 13-minute-long video featuring the soon-to-take-an-hiatus foursome driving around with BFF James Corden. They go through the band’s hits, talk about the weird things fans do for them, and do a little dance. Corden transforms them into a “proper boyband,” too, because they’ve never been one of those boybands that wore matching outfits and made choreographed videos. At one point they must have stopped at McDonald’s because a fries box pops up near Liam, there’s a burger wrapper near Louis, and Harry begins sipping a drink. A lot happens in the 13-minutes and Corden’s British charm definitely carries the video, but this is probably the closest thing you and I will ever get to riding in a car with the boys. 

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