how to have a one-night stand, a guide

from women who definitely know

Summer lovin', happens so fast—and for some, they certainly have a blast. Come June, the Western world at large sheds some layers and shows some skin, eager to embrace rising temps and have some fun. And by fun, we mean sex. 

The notion that summer is for screwin' and winter is for booin' (where did we read that? A T-shirt? Maybe a T-shirt...) is perhaps primal, but having summer flings should be about pleasure, exploration, and most importantly, gratification. A one-night stand should not have anyone doing an emotional walk of shame—or feeling guilty about meeting someone, finding them attractive, and acting on said attraction.

In order to create some sort of outline for frivolous summer coitus, we spoke to five incredible sex writers and educators, porn performers and pundits, about the best way to have a one-night stand. The TL;DR takeaway is: There is no one way, but communication and safety are always key. That, and always check out the house for soap. Soap is key.