this is it

a choose your own adventure guide to the paris front row.

London may have invented the It Girl, but the Parisians do it oh-so-well. From Kiki de Montparnasse, to Jacqueline Roque, to Jane Birkin, to Francoise Hardy, Lou Doillon, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Vanessa Paradis, the French muses have been nailing that je ne sais quoi since the turn of the century. 

The ladies at Paris Fashion Week have clearly learned from their predecessors, too. From Camille Rowe-Poucheresse's nonchalant outfits to Clemence Poesy's Chanel-and-jeans look, the Paris front row gals are inspirations all of us who want to look cool, un-fussy, and chic. 

But how to know which It Girl is the right muse for you? Easy peasy! Use our choose your own adventure guide to all the gals in Paris to find out if you're more of a red lipstick a la Ciara or a messy hair and crop top like Adele Exarchopoulos kind of girl. 

If You Love: Thigh high socks and black and white
Your It Girl Match is: Hailee Steinfeld
Because: The teen actress attended the Louis Vuitton show looking cute and age appropriate in a black and white party frock and thigh high socks with Mary Janes.

If You Love: Sofia Coppola
Your It Girl Match is: Sofia Coppola
Because: Duh! She's the best. Just look at her Louis Vuitton outfit. 

If You Love: Goth hippie
Your It Girl Match is: Dakota Fanning
Because: You never thought you'd see Dakota Fanning in a floor length, black lace dress, but now that you did, you'll never forget it.

If You Love: White mod minidresses
Your It Girl Match is: Elle Fanning
Because: The younger Fanning attended the Vuitton show in a brocade white minidress that is pure perfection.

If You Love: Red leather
Your It Girl Match is: Lena Dunham
Because: Only the ultimate girl could pull off a red leather duster at the Miu Miu show.

If You Love: Black, navy, and subtle embellishments
Your It Girl Match is: Rashida Jones and Dianna Agron
Because: You get both because RJ and DA rocked complimentary navy and black outfits to the Miu Miu show, and even posed together to hammer their shared cuteness home.

If You Love: Looking like a punk schoolgirl
Your It Girl Match is: Du Juan
Because: The model strutted her way into the Miu Miu front row in a denim kilt and leather jacket, AKA Blair Waldorf gone bad. 

If You Love: Leather daddies
Your It Girl Match is: Michelle Dockery
Because: The Downton Abbey star did a complete 180 from her character and attended the Miu Miu show in an all-leather minidress with rhinestoned collar. 

If You Love: Courtney Love
Your It Girl Match is: Imogen Poots
Because: The actress did her best Courtney Love impersonation at the Miu Miu show in a yellow ruffled dress, smudged red lipstick, and platform shoes.

If You Love: Dark lipstick and Bambi sweatshirts
Your It Girl Match is: Lily Collins
Because: To attend Givenchy the actress went for it, pairing her moody makeup with a Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt sans pants. 

If You Love: Dressing to a designer's specs
Your It Girl Match is: Iggy Azalea
Because: At every fashion show she attended, Azalea looked like the brand's ideal girl, from all white at Chloe to curvy in purple at Vivienne Westwood.

If You Love: Wearing sunglasses inside and silver accessories
Your It Girl Match is: Rita Ora
Because: Ora kept her shades on for the Chanel show--perhaps her silver clutch was a little blinding?

If You Love: Floral prints and topknots
Your It Girl Match is: Katy Perry
Because: Her Chanel look is '90s approved. 

If You Love: Red lipstick
Your It Girl Match is: Ciara
Because: Nobody does it like Ciara!

If You Love: Casual dressing even if you're in a cocktail dress
Your It Girl Match is: Alexandra Richards
Because: No matter what show she was at, Richards kept her look cool thanks to her beachy hair and nonchalant outfits. 

If You Love: White shirts and jumpsuits
Your It Girl Match is: Camille Rowe Poucheresse
Because: Mme. Rowe Poucheresse has us completely rethinking our jeans and white shirts game. Oh, and she looks bomb in a jumpsuit too. 

If You Love: Big hair and short shorts
Your It Girl Match is: Bip Ling
Because: "Whip My Hair" was actually written about Bip Ling's amazing 'do. So was "Short Shorts."

If You Love: All black
Your It Girl Match is: Jeanne Damas
Because: She's the newest French It Girl to win over America, probably because she's well versed in Parisian classics. 

If You Love: Jeans and Chanel
Your It Girl Match is: Clemence Poesy
Because: Guys, she looks perfect in a Chanel tweed jacket and jeans at the brand's show. Literally perfect. 

If You Love: Messy hair and short skirts
Your It Girl Match is: Tao Okamoto
Because: The model-turned-actress showed up at all the major shows showing a little leg and never letting her fly-aways be a bother. 

If You Love: White lace
Your It Girl Match is: Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor
Because: In a Valentino dress, de Cadenet Taylor looks like an It Girl Archangel.

If You Love: Buxom silhouettes and a crop top
Your It Girl Match is: Daisy Lowe
Because: "Va-va-voom!" is what we exclaimed at Lowe's '50s bombshell inspired look at Vivienne Westwood

If You Love: The '80s
Your It Girl Match is: Adele Exarchopoulos
Because: In fresh off the runway Balmain, Exarchopoulos looks like your dream '80s babysitter. 

If You Love: Shorts
Your It Girl Match is: Gemma Arterton
Because: She's the only gal who dared to wear shorts to Paris Fashion Week, and she totally pulls it off!

If You Love: Brocade, embroidery, and being a little mismatched
Your It Girl Match is: Lindsey Wixson
Because: Only the Kansas girl could pull off a beaded asymmetrical crop top with a long skirt. 

If You Love: Prim prints, even at night!
Your It Girl Match is: Harley Viera-Newton 
Because: The DJ looks so French and so clean no matter the hour.

If You Love: A sheer blouse
Your It Girl Match is: Lou Doillon
Because: We may not know how you wear a sheer blouse without constant fear of exposing yourself, but we're glad Lou Doillon does.

If You Love: Jeans, flannels, and heels
Your It Girl Match is: Lily McMenamy
Because: The 19-year-old model nails the American teen look, even if she's French and British.

If You Love: Prints!
Your It Girl Match is: Christa Theret
Because: Head-to-toe prints at Givenchy is kind of Christa Theret's thing, and we're loving it.

If You Love: A center part and a Chanel bag
Your It Girl Match is: Zoe Kravitz
Because: Zoe Kravitz gets a million It Girl points for being the only non-French girl at Chanel who looks 100-percent Parisian. A+.