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    This Is What It Takes To Be An Artist In New York City

    Meet Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw

    by Hayden Manders 2016-03-25T11:00:00-04:00

    Photo courtesy of Jen Catron & Paul Outlaw.

    Choosing to pursue art is, as many will tell you, not the wisest of decisions. The world is a vicious one, brutal to break into, and riddled with egos as big as mountains. For some, though, there isn't a choice. The creative bug bit them years ago and making something—be it writing, painting, performing, photographing, sculpting—is not only a means of expression, but personal survival. (This humble author, like many of his peers here in New York, knows this too well.) 

    Of course, creating and making in a city as big and challenging as New York is no easy feat. Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw, two artists and partners in life and creative crime, have worked their way up through the Big Apple's scene. Their work flirts with many mediums; their message is one of reflection but asked in a way that is both tongue-in-cheek and sincere. For them, art was never not an option. Small town upbringings and minds too curious for their own good got them to where they are today. It's a journey that's as romantic as you can probably imagine, but they're the first to tell you it hasn't been easy. 

    With their latest show opening up today, at Tribeca's Postmasters Gallery, we caught up with the artists to chat art, risk-taking, emotional intelligence, and how the youth are the driving force behind, well, everything.

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