pharrell's epic year

because there's no way of keeping track, your comprehensive guide to all of his projects.

by: liza darwin

March 13 2014


Yesterday, when it was announced that Pharrell Williams was releasing a perfume with Comme des Garcons, obviously our first thought was "OK, how soon can we buy these?" (The answer: September). 

But then, there were the other questions: wait, didn't Pharrell just put out an album and a collab with Uniqlo and team up with G-Star? (The answer: Yes). Either this guy doesn't sleep or he's a serious multitasker, clearly plotting to take over the world...and we're not mad about it.

Between his career highs, a recent marriage, and that infamous Grammy's hat, it's been a whirlwind year for Skateboard P. Since it's hard to keep track of all his projects, we've rounded up his key moments in this handy-dandy guide. Click through the gallery to see his biggest accomplishments, but just don't blame us if you feel like an underachiever once you're finished. 

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