pool party, baby

mortal measures to maintain your mermaid hair!

by: sable yong

July 16 2014



Why does it seem that the most fun things in life always come with damaging consequences? Even something as innocent as taking a dip in a pool can leave your hair a withering, color-morphing mop.

And what a pity that would be, considering we’ve waited so long to shed the woolen beanies and hooded coats (us on the East Coast, at least). Since chlorine + sun = possibly green-turning, dried-up strands, chill out for a sec and give your hair some TLC before you go marco polo.

Hair is basically a sponge, which is why walking past a street meat cart has me faintly smelling of eau de kebab for hours afterwards—and that’s just smoke! Liquids are far more pervasive. If you douse your hair with some conditioner first, you can prevent it from absorbing other gnarly stuff instead.

Do you doubt that Phoebe Cates as Linda Barrett in Fast Times At Ridgemont High would let her mane go unprotected? Unlikely. Every babe of summer knows how to keep her bodacious locks in check. So click through the gallery and check out the best potions to keep your slow motion, wet-hair whipping, water-goddess mane in check.

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