premiere: la vega "do the surfer girl limbo!"

Push play on this jamm and the weekend starts NOW...

premiere: la vega "do the surfer girl limbo"

The wildest thing happened today...we were literally sitting here listening to The Pixies' Surfer Rosa and wondering where all the big sounding-hollow body-Dick Dale-vibes went, when lo-and-behold an e-mail arrived. The clouds parted in NYLON HQ as we pushed play on this La Vega link and our  prayers were answered. The Austin-based duo comprised of Daniel Vega and Evan Magers has figured the sonic algorithm for the perfect new-wave surf-rock composition. With tunes like "Key West" and "Do The Surfer Girl Limbo," we're stoked for the August 13th release of Waves, their full-length debut. Check out their Soundcloud HERE for more jams and go HERE for live dates and more.