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    get all the news from nyfw day 4.

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    The Curator: J Errico, Fashion Director

    The Look: Public School

    I'm going to have to say my favorite look today was the girls in Public School--specifically looks 17, 24 or 31. For their first outing showing women's, the guys behind one of the most covetable men's labels knocked it out of the park. These girls exuded the kind of effortless cool that everyone hopes to achieve, and only a select few succeed. Now girls can stop ganking their boyfriends gear. Maxwell and Dao-Yi have got'chu covered. 

    The Face: DKNY

    The most amazing beauty moment of the day was at DKNY.  Hands down. Donna, through her casting, showed one of the most beautiful things about NYC--the fact that beauty does not come in one form. Black, white, Asian, trans, tattooed, plus sized, mini, famous people and the boys-next-door… It was really inspiring and quite a love letter to the diversity of our city. 

    The News: Opening Ceremony's Chocolate Set

    The melting chocolate runway backdrop at Opening Ceremony cannot go unmentioned. Carol and Humberto have been killing it with the production of all of their shows lately, (last season's alone had race cars at Opening Ceremony and an amazing waterfall and water dancing speakers at Kenzo). This one started off pretty straight forward until the backdrop of the runway ran with melting dark & milk chocolate. It was very cool although the collective sound of grumbling hungry fashion editor stomachs threatened to compete with the soundtrack. 

    The Song: "Skin" - Madonna

    The beginning of Hood by Air kicked off with a remix of Skin by Madonna, needless to say, I was hooked from there right up to the Moonwalkers/Ultra Nate vocal track. 

    The Inspiration: Street Casting at DKNY and Hood by Air

    I think that the "real people" casting at DKNY and Hood By Air was something very special. I wonder if this might be some trickle-down effect from Rick Owens amazing spring show or if maybe designers are finally ready to show all sides of beauty. Whatever it may be I hope I see more of it, (providing of course that they can "walk"--it's still a catwalk after all). 

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