the checklist

feeling for a pink lady vibe.

The Curator: Steff Yotka, Senior Web Editor 

The News: Listen To Die Antwoord's New Album, Donker Mag, in Full

In South Africa's Zef-est group are at it again. Die Antwoord's follow up to 2012's Ten$ionDonker Mag has landed on Spotify, and it's exactly what you might expect from the crazy and crass group. Take a peek below. 

The Look: Rag & Bone Resort '15
I'm not a girl who wears a lot of pink, mostly beause I can never find pieces that have a tomboy vibe in the sweet color. Luckily, Rag & Bone has come to my rescue for resort, with a collection full of blush pink, über-cool pieces that appeal to even the punkest of girls. I'm going to be keeping tabs on the brand's e-store for the pink suede jacket to arrive, because, quite simply, I need it. 

The Face: Rodin Lip Balm
No While pink lipstick is a color that I will never, ever wear, this magical lip balm from Rodin is a must. It's made with all natural essential oils and shea butter, meaning it leaves your lips feeling new while looking 100-percent rad in your purse. 

The Inspiration: Funky Offish's Instagram
It's the ultimate Instagram account of all things '90s, British, and badass. From photos of Kate Moss to throwback Olsen pics, this one gets a routine double tap from me. 

The Song: "Ex-Girlfried" - No Doubt
Gwen Stefani is the ultimate pink-wearing tough girl, and the video for "Ex-Girlfriend" best epitomizes her badassery. I think I spend a good 20 minutes per day just freaking out over how amazing she is. Please, Gwen, teach us your lessons.