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    how to have the best road trip ever

    fasten your seatbelts.

    by Liz Riccardi 2015-04-03T09:30:00-04:00

    photos by liz riccardi

    Someone very wise (or maybe very lost) once said: "It’s not the destination, but the journey that counts." While it is generally believed that this saying is a metaphor for life, I believe it to be a literal reference to road trips.

    A few weekends ago I escaped the frozen tundra that is New York City in the month of March and, courtesy of Ford Mustang, spent the weekend cruising around the California desert in a convertible with my BFF. I know, I know—but hate me not. Along the road I picked up a little bit of wisdom (and many, many In-N-Out burgers), and I'm here to share what I learned.

    Click through the gallery to find out how you too can experience: The Best Road Trip Ever.


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