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    'Rookie' x 'NYLON': Tavi Gevinson's Favorite "It-People"

    check out who tavi thinks has "it" going on

    by tavi gevinson 2015-10-30T10:30:00-04:00

    Being the editor of Rookie often means just screaming from the rooftops about the people and things that I love, so I was stoked to choose a handful of people to feature in NYLON’s It-Girl issue. The “It-Girl” has long been associated with trendiness, but that implies some kind of expiration date on her influence. The coolest It-Girls not only capture a cultural moment, but transcend it in time. The It-People you see here—and let’s go with “It-People,” since we have some agender folk here, and “It-People” sounds like a cool science-fiction film—are stylish and rad, but nothing about them is disposable or just a look. What stands out to me in these interviews is how often the topic of confidence comes up, and how these artists of all kinds inspire people just by being themselves and being visible. Rookie Yearbook Four, our latest print compendium, comes out on October 20, featuring many of the babes who contributed here as writers, photographers, and interview subjects. Rashida Jones even wrote a life advice comic for it, and there’s a preview of that here. We hope you enjoy, and glean as much “It” inspiration from these killer queens as possible.

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