9 Movies To Watch This Halloween That Will Actually Scare You

Because nothing is more terrifying than reality

Photos via CNN Films, Big Noise Films, Magnolia Pictures, Lawrence Bender Productions, Florentine Films, A&E FIlms, Kandoo FIlms, and Final Cut For Real

Given that it's almost Halloween, the obvious movies to watch this time of year involve masked murderers and pissed off ghosts. But if you’re being honest with yourself, that blood is fake, and those knives are made of plastic. As soon as that head gets impaled, the director yells “cut” and they go again. Scary movies aren’t actually scary because they’re just that: movies. What’s scary is the horrible injustices, crimes, and tragedies happening all around us, all the time. As the following nine documentaries prove, the world can be a very frightening place.