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    The Scariest Female Ghosts Of All Time

    ghoul power

    by christie craft 2015-10-16T09:00:00-04:00

    Come, gather ‘round, ye children—the season has come for indulging in candy corn, devouring dope makeup tutorials, and rehashing our favorite spooky stories. While some prefer basking in bloody slasher flicks all October long, we’re flipping the dark holiday on its head with a feminist look at some true accounts of the scariest female ghosts of all time.

    Yes, some of these lady ghosts carry tired clichés (the jilted ghost bride, the “angry witch” trope), while others showcase human frailty and evil’s gender-blind empire, like in the case of Madame LaLaurie’s murderous ghost. Some are straight-up cautionary tales against the real-life horrors of domestic abuse, violence against women, misogyny, and coercion. Still, many tell the story of intrinsic feminine power—these are eternal spirits that literally cannot be broken, after all.     

    Whether you’re a card-carrying member of your local paranormal society or a diehard skeptic, these broads from beyond the grave will have you sleeping with the lights on. Ahead, the spookiest lady ghosts of all time, according to us. Hell hath no fury. 

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