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    Stream With Terror: 10 Netflix Movies That Are ACTUALLY Scary

    documentaries included!

    by gabriel bell 2015-10-16T13:00:00-04:00

    Image via Gravitas Ventures

    All right, lovelies—we’ve already offered you the best movies streaming on Netflix, as well as the 15 scariest films of the last 15 years. Well, we’re bingeing, so here’s another countdown of couch-worthy flicks.

    This time, it’s the scariest films now streaming on Netflix. Note: Only a few of the instant goodies we found most terrifying are horror movies. To us, all those possessed dolls, zombies, and found-footage creep shows don’t pack much dread compared to these actually terrifying thrillers, art-house experiments, and documentaries. Like, honestly, what’s scarier than reality?

    Good for the Halloween season or just getting your fright on whenever the mood strikes you, here are the best films to Netflix in the dark—complete with handy links for adding to your watch list. Oh, and please add your picks in the comments, below.

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