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    benefit's new blush is a nonstop trip to cloud 9.

    by liza darwin January 03, 2012
    We might not be able to get good karma through our makeup (we far as we know, there's not a shortcut for being nice), but thanks to Benefit, it's never been easier to at least look the part of an angel.

    The cosmetics company's new "Hervana" powder is a 4-in-1 blush with complementary berry shades that magically manage to flatter almost anyone. Packaged in a mini box complete with a mirror and slanted brush, it's subtle, pretty, and an instant pick-me-up, just like our other brand favorites Dandelion and Bella Bamba. This version, though, has an orchard blossom scent and rosy hue that makes it perfect for winter- a reincarnation of that perfect brisk pink your cheeks turn when you step outside.

    It might be a while until we can actually achieve enlightenment or even fulfill our New Years Resolutions...but until then, why not fake it til you make it? We're definitely going to.

    $28 here.
    Tags: beauty, makeup
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