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    slip up

    summer's latest trend is already in your closet.

    by ali hoffman July 19, 2011
    Aside from Swedish Hasbeens and skinny cargo pants, last summer was all about knit sweaters with holes.  Thanks to  built-in ventilation, we thought the trend worked as a perfectly bohemian bathing suit coverup.

    And though we're still into holey knits, it's time for something new to take the spotlight. 

    Enter the over-slip, which is basically the same thing as a slip, except for one difference: You don't wear anything over it. 

    Okay, so yes the whole underwear-as-outerwear thing sounds a bit risque, but it don't rule it out just yet.  In addition to their airy and non-restrictive nature, slips can be worn over a bathing suit when heading to the beach, and look adorable when paired with old ankle boots for a night out. Plus, they barely take up any room if going on a weekend getaway.

    Check out our favorite (non raunchy) picks below!

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