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    get slick with this multitasking skin saver.

    by liza darwin December 07, 2010
    If you think body oil is only for wannabe flower children reeking of patchouli, then it's time for a refresher.

    Skin & Bones is a woodsy-smelling, all-in-one product for your hair, face, and body. The organic serum is hand-blended with pure jojoba oil, plus 9 other essential oils like grapefruit, jasmine, and rosewood for a scent that's subtle, not overwhelming.

    We tried it as a cuticle oil/hand moisturizer, but it also works to mend split ends, tame frizzy hair, smooth dry skin, cure sunburns...and that's just the beginning. And although we had our doubts, the super-concentrated formula left our skin glowing and refreshed, not greasy.

    Miracle cream? Not quite, but let's just say this is a perfect winter-weather rescue that we're never leaving home without.

    Buy it here.
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