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    Women In Music Came Together For The Ultimate Sleepover Party

    party at the patch house

    by dana guth 2016-03-18T16:00:00-04:00

    Photos courtesy of Jessica Lehrman

    Imagine all your best friends are in matching onesies, doing each other's makeup between sips of champagne. Drake is bumping on the speaker to your right, and to your left sits three giant bowls of peach Sour Patch Kids. Everyone's laughing, smiling, and blissfully carefree. No, this isn't a dream.


    Social media influencer Ashley Outrageous and Ramya Velury turned this teenage fantasy into a (very real) slumber party last weekend based on one novel idea: Put New York's coolest music-industry females together in one space and magic will happen. No networking, no pressure to prove themselves or perform, just a chance for creative women in a traditionally male-dominated field to come together and have fun.


    This all took place at Brooklyn's Patch House, a decked-out "hotel" for traveling musicians sponsored by (and filled with) Sour Patch Kids. The night let artists like Kitty Cash, Ravie B, and Martina McFlyy get hype for Tinashe's show later that night with makeovers, food, and a surprise performance by rapper Jahkoy. In other words, Ashley and Ramya created the ultimate pregame. We caught with the two organizers about how they brought the fantasy to life, in the gallery below.

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