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    How To Have The Ultimate Spa Day At Home

    it's time for a little self-love

    by Jenna Igneri 2016-02-12T16:00:00-05:00

    Photo via Getty Images.

    While we’re in the midst of the coldest and darkest days of the year, it’s important to take some time to care for our bodies and minds. In order to rid ourselves of the winter blues, a little bit of pampering and self-indulgence is certainly in order. While a day at the spa may sound like the perfect remedy, not all of us can afford to factor that into our budgets. The solution? Turn your own bathroom into a day spa (for a fraction of the cost, of course). 

    We put together a guide to making the most of your relaxing day of R&R in the comfort of your own home. This is not your typical mask-and-cucumber-slice lazy Sunday, of course—we’re talking burning some palo santo, tinting your hair a rainbow shade (while deep conditioning), steaming your pores with actual flowers, and more—for the ultimate blissful and lazy afternoon at home.

    Click through the gallery for our step-by-step guide to pamper not only your body, but your mind as well.

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