13 space-themed beauty products for alien gals

intergalactic beauty

Photo by Matthew Kristall

Our fascination of what lies beyond the atmosphere of our pale blue dot has lead humans to make astounding scientific discoveries, to hypothesize about the mysterious contents of the ever-expanding universe, and to even draw some aesthetic inspiration from the multicolored nebulas and glowing star systems of our vast, breathtaking galaxy. So when you think about it, why wouldn't we want to incorporate a little bit of the cosmos's majesty into our everyday beauty routine? After all, it's hard to buy into the case for natural beauty when, with the right products, you could instead look supernatural...or even extraterrestrial. 

Whether you're an X-Files devotee, a COSMOS junkie, a Star Wars superfan, or a Carl Sagan loyalist, it's nearly impossible not to feel the (gravitational) pull of these 13 outer space-inspired beauty products fit for moon princesses and intergalactic goddesses alike. Click through for some out-of-this-world inspiration.