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    7 spring hair makeovers that'll blow your mind

    not your average hair changes

    by Gabrielle Korn 2015-04-17T12:00:00-04:00

    Photographed by Suzanne Darcy

    As we all emerge from hibernation and blink our eyes in the sunlight for what feels like the first time, it's only natural to want a hairstyle to match the newness in the air. In fact, if there's ever a time to change things up, it would be now. But since we tend to get the urge to bleach/trim/chop every year, spring hair tends to be kind of repetitive. Like, we can't just always go blonder and shorter every time it starts to get warm out (though it would be tempting). 

    So this year, we decided our spring hair changes would be unlike anything we've done before. From bold purples to sharp angles, this isn't your average makeover story—because why go the expected route when you can surprise all your friends with mint green or vibrant apricot?

    Click through to see the transformations.

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