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    the second ‘steve jobs’ trailer is giving us palpitations 

    shut up and take our money

    by gabriel bell September 17, 2015

    Coming off more like the preview for a thriller than that of a conventional biopic, the second trailer for Danny Boyle’s upcoming Steve Jobs movie has dropped and, jeez, is it ever tense. 

    Starring Michael Fassbender as the titular Apple co-founder, Kate Winslet as longtime collaborator Joanna Hoffman, and Seth Rogan as the company’s technical genius, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs features a script by West Wing and The Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin. Given our knowledge of Sorkin’s work, we’re not expecting that the film will be a precise, unfailingly accurate portrayal of Job’s life, but we do imagine it will at least be sharp, cunning, and seriously Oscar-worthy. Currently, it has a 90 percent approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes, so…

    Featuring rising actor Katherine Waterston and Jeff Daniels, Steve Jobs arrives in theaters October 9. 

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