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    10 Perfect Striped T-Shirts That Will Go With Every Outfit

    Show your true stripes

    by Marissa Smith 2016-04-28T15:21:00-04:00

    Every girl needs that one staple in her closet that can go with just about anything, and that can be dressed up or down. For us, it's the striped T-shirt. After all, what's better than a graphic print to layer underneath in winter and wear on display in the summer? Stock up on a few options to play with, or spend some extra $$ and invest in a good-quality tee that will last you for a long time. Whether you want to keep the same one forever, or if you want one just for a certain season, or even occasion—there're plenty of options to choose from.

    Get a classic black-and-white shirt, for that "Jailhouse Rock" Elvis look you've been sporting (which we fully support), or a multihued crew-neck tee for a touch of color. Either way, this reliable standby should always have room in your closet. Check out our favorites, at every price point, and shop away, below.

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