#nylongirlproblems: finding the perfect subtle jewelry

sometimes less is actually more.

photo by silja magg
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The Question:
I want to wear lots of small jewelry thing spring--any tips for how to pull it off? 

The Answer: If you wear loud clothing, it's nice to keep your accessorizing minimal. Or if you're into rocking normcore, chances are you're into classic, never-take-it-off jewelry. I love pieces that feel like simple hand-me-downs from your mom's jewelry box.

Wear a tiny chain choker or mix up a few different length charm necklaces. Pile on skinny layering and first knuckle rings or rock a classic signet ring. Anklets are cool when the weather warms up a bit. I wear them on both ankles. Teeny-tiny hoop earrings are great for a good minimalist nineties throwback, or make an anti-statement jewelry statement with an interestingly placed new piercing. Septum? Conch? Rook, anyone? I'm addicted to J Colby Smith's pretty and delicate custom body jewelry.

Whatever you choose, find your pieces and forget you're wearing them. Check out the slideshow for my favorites.