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    Supermarket: 10 Peasant Blouses That Are Easy To Throw On

    get through a casual friday with these.

    by Marissa Smith 2015-12-17T16:30:00-05:00

    Everyone needs that go-to top that they feel confident and comfortable in. A peasant blouse is the way to go, we think anyway. They come in all different colors and patterns, so they can match just about anything. They also still feel professional without feeling so stiff; you can move and this top isn't bodyconscious, so on those days you aren't feeling so fit it's a great blouse to put on and still make you look amazing. With an easy-tie neckline, that you can leave done or undone, it creates a flattering silhouette on any body shape. Pair this blouse with any pair of jeans or trousers, and you've got yourself a cute outfit to run errands or go to work on a casual Friday in!


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