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    The Best Pieces of Clothing and Accessories To Customize Right Now

    supermarket: custom clothing and accessories

    by Marissa Smith March 03, 2016

    We all love things with our own stamp on them, something that makes our clothing and accessories unique and no one elses. There's a big trend happening of personalizing your clothing and accessories, whether it be with initals, sayings, or even a hashtag. This is not only for classic leather bags—you can put your stamp on shoes, shirts, and jewelry. You name it, you can personalize it at this point. It's a great way to wear something that you know no one else will have, and it's also a great idea for a gift for your mom, your sister, or best friend. Trying to build your brand or social media following? You can be a walking ad for what you need to promote by getting your Instagram handle or nickname on the back of a shirt. It's a genius way to create buzz around yourself. Check out our favorite pieces in the gallery to make your own.

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