SXSW: day 2

Waiting in line…for everything…

SXSW: Day 2

We've gotta keep it honest and tell you that A) Day two of SXSW was just basically a blur of waiting in lines or looking for ways to avoid waiting in line and 2) It kinda feels like our phone will never see 100-percent full charge on the battery ever again.
We're super stoked for the NYLON Loft party to start because then we'll be at home, but for our second day in Austin we were once again left to our own devices. Lucky for us, most of our afternoon was spent with our best homie Hollywood Holt (wondering the streets and waiting in line is always better in a group…if you can stay together).
We ran into a Seinfeld fan (SERENITY NOW!) on the way to the Haggar house to grub on some BBQ, because yes, when in Austin BBQ is what's for breakfast. The #SlacksAreBack party at Clive bar included everything from straight razor shaves to new pants, and our first band of the day Air Traffic Controller.
Once we filled up on a little BBQ and enjoyed a little music, it was time to roll down to 6th Street and check out this clothing mecca we've been hearing about called Collective Status. This place is our new favorite hang in Austin, for real. The sneaker collection is insane and the brand mix they carry is everything we're always looking for and writing about, and not to mention, they have the illest portrait of Pimp C upstairs.
After hanging with the Status bros, it was time to head over to watch our buddy Holt soundcheck at the G.O.O.D Music X Yahoo party. This party was as insane as its lineup which featured everyone from Big Sean, King Louie, Travis Scott, Pusha T to the homie Holt. There was a whole bunch of turning up and we even grabbed some pizza from The Onion which was extra spicy--we suggest it!
When the turning up was all done, we headed back to the Haggar House for a late night chill-vibe cool down with Aussie Chet Faker. Clive bar really is a rad hang spot and as you can see from the last photo in the gallery above, leaving that place is as hard as getting in…but we managed to make it home before the sun came up, because today the NYLON loft kicks off!!