neon shadow - it's not just for raves anymore.

    by natalie matthews · July 30, 2008
    If you think your local Ricky's or Party City is the only place to get makeup fit for a rave, remove your feather boa, drop the Glo-Sick, and think again:

    Head over to Sephora and pick up Pop Beauty's Lid Neon eye shadow kit.

    It offers a rainbow of six colors, all of which your parents definitely won't let you leave the house wearing. Plus, mixing in a drop of the brand's Sparkle Sauce turns each velvety shadow into a shimmery liquid eyeliner (again, all parents-be-damned).

    For $22, it's as cheap as anything you'd find at Ricky's, and as fun. Sadly, Agyness Deyn, Ring Pops, and indie rocker boyfriend not included-- but guaranteed head-turns and too-long stares are.

    $22, at
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