#tbt: before there were instagram it-girls, there were myspace queens

meet four royals.

photo by sasha eisenman

Before Insta-famous It-girls, there were MySpace queens. For this installment of Throwback Thursday, we're revisiting our March 2009 MySpace issue, where four unofficial MySpace queens (Lady Gaga, Kristen Ritter, Diablo Cody, and Cory Kennedy) brought us through their social media dos and don'ts.

And while Tom has considerably less friends than he did back in '09 (125 million, to be precise), MySpace is still one of the best places to discover new music—and revisit the good old days. Click through the gallery for the ultimate nostalgia-inducing journey and remember a time before hashtags—a time when picking the perfect song for your page, regularly updating your current mood, and deciding which of your friends made it into your “Top 8” were your most pressing problems.