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    Tinashe Takes Us On A 'Joyride'

    ...with her sophomore album

    by clover hope 2015-12-02T10:15:00-05:00

    Photographed by Olivia Bee. Styled by Shiona Turini. Dress by Marc Jacobs.

     Tinashe is halfway to the bottom of a glass of pinot noir when she spots a banker bro in pinstripes dancing through the Hudson Hotel’s Library Bar, seemingly unaware of the fact that he’s in the presence of a 22-year-old R&B star. 

    Unfazed by his impromptu crotch grab, Tinashe eggs him on, yelling out: “MJ, you got the moves!” He takes this as an invitation to share that he’s on a Tinder date, is “literally in love,” and wondering whether he should jerk off in the men’s room to let off steam. Suddenly, Tinashe’s a relationship expert: “Yes, you don’t want the sexual tension to overpower your date—and don’t get too drunk!”

    Click through the gallery to read the rest of our profile on Tinashe from the December/January 2016 issue.

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