the heel reaches new heights...

Fact: For the fashion-conscious, hiker footwear is far from new. After all, from McQueen to Galliano, trail-inspired stilettos dominated the Fall/Winter 2010 runways last February.

So why the sudden need to talk about it?

Well, Teva's just come out with a stiletto.

Yes, we're talking about the same Teva that popularized those Velcro sport-sandals we all know too well (and some of us hoped to forget).

Teaming up with NY-based designer Grey Ant, Teva's reconstructed their classic Hurricane sport-sandal into a "performance" high heel...Velcro included. 

From boots inspired by the great outdoors to heels you can literally take a hike in, take a look at the options and let us know if you're ready to trek.