tag you're it!

like a chain letter, only with the coolest it girls around.

photo by benjamin lozovsky/bfanyc.com
We've spent the month telling you about our favorite It Girls--and yes, we've got a lot of them. But it got us wondering: We know who we love, but what about them?

So we created an It Girl chain (love) letter. The idea was simple: We asked our cover girl Alexa Chung to pick a girl who she loves. We then had Chung's chosen It Girl fill out a questionnaire about herself and pick another It Girl, and so on until we had a chain of It Girls.

The end result might not be the most famous faces, but this much is for sure: They're all really awesome, and they've got the cool friends to prove it.

Flip through the gallery to check out the picks, from Alexa Chung onward--and to find out if your favorites made the list.