discuss: under the skin trailer

scarlett johansson as a babe. no, a hooker. wait, no, an alien.

Fun fact about Under The Skin, the new film from Jonathan Glazer based off of the Michel Faber novel about an alien who lives on earth by preying on humans: Many of the scenes of Scarlett Johansson seducing men were secretly shot. That's right, the guys you see in this trailer probably had no idea that the brunette, fur coat-wearing woman chatting them up was actually one of the biggest Hollywood stars.

But Under The Skin is no Candid Camera; rather, it's a chilling sci-fi-meets-art house flick that has been making big waves at all the usual film festivals.

We finally get an extended trailer and, yeah, it's no We Bought a Zoo. Prepare to see Johansson in a whole new light--and not just because she's wearing a wig and picking up guys from inside a car.