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    10 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Literally Witchier

    it's magick

    by Gabriela Herstik 2016-02-12T17:30:00-05:00

    Illustrated by Ricky Michiels.

    In an age where any mystical millennial can wear their favorite tarot card and talk about their aura without fear of judgment, accessing your inner witch has never been easier. Everyone has an innate sense of spirituality, and anyone can be a witch. For most of us, however, it’s a conscious decision down a harmonious path between spirit, soul, and Mother Earth. And although it can often feel like fashion is not related to witchcraft at all—it totally is.

    We move through this life, through this incarnation, in our clothing—how we experience, feel, and relate to those around us is, for the most part, is literally in what we wear. And although many covens practice skyclad, or in the nude, most of our days are spent entangled between the layers of cotton, wool, pleather, and faux fur we wear on our skin. Any fashion girl knows the power in a good outfit—but have you ever thought about how you could harness this power, a la witch? Here are 10 easy ways to get your hocus pocus on.

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