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    The Modern Witch’s Guide To Dorm Decor

    Add a mysical touch to your room, sans any actual sage burning

    by Jenna Igneri 2016-08-23T10:00:00-04:00

    Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

    While it may not be a challenge to add a witch’s touch to your own home, what about to your dorm room? Burning things, like sage, incense, and candles, is prohibited from most dormitories, so how does one get around setting good intentions and cleansing the energy of their cinder-blocked, minimally furnished college home away from home?

    With back-to-school and move-in day just around the corner, we knew we had to find a way around the college-imposed restrictions—and that's when we turned to healer Erica Feldmann, the founder of HausWitch in Salem, Massachusetts. HausWitch is a shop devoted to helping people heal and love their space, carrying everything one needs in order to “bring good vibes home.” From vintage and secondhand furnishings to candles, crystals, personal care products, and spell kits, Feldmann combines the principles of earth magic, feng shui, yogic meditation, Jungian psychology, and interior decorating to bring magic and healing into customers' homes.

    With that said, we knew she’d be the perfect person to chat with for some expert advice on how the modern witch can decorate their dorm room. While there may be some obstacles compared to decorating an apartment of your own, it can be easily done sans fire, believe it or not.

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