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    The 20 Worst Songs To Have Sex To

    don't try these in the bedroom.

    by Yasmeen Gharnit and Hayden Manders 2016-02-04T15:30:00-05:00

    Sex playlists come in all different forms. Some are slow and sensual; others are more alluring, provocative, and at times, a little sinister. Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, and Sade are the epitome of boot-knocking tunes. FKA twigs and The Weeknd hold a modern day candle to them. While we all might not recognize a great sex song when we hear it, we all, for sure, know when we hear a song that’s terrible for it. Something about the tone, lyrics, or both, rub you the wrong way. You go from being turned on to being turned off, and your prospects of even getting any go from yay to nay. Just like there are a million songs perfect for getting down, there are a million songs that just aren’t. It’s not that they’re bad songs per se; they’re just bad songs to get it on to. Take note in the pages ahead.

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