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    WTF Moments From Oscars History

    the most scandalous moments from the academy awards

    by Yasmeen Gharnit 2016-02-25T13:15:00-05:00

    Photo by Jack Kay/Getty Images

    As far as awards shows go, the Academy Awards is a forum for playing it safe. Attendees show up in their best black-tie attire, on their best behavior, with their best poker faces, and flashy smiles. Still, as one would expect from one of the film industry's longest-standing institutions, the Oscars have faced their fair share of controversies. 
    From the lack of diversity and representation of people of color to the sort of fumbles that come with live presentations, there have been more than enough times to make you stop and quite simply think what the fuck? 
    Ahead, relive the most perplexing and memorable moments from Oscars history. 
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