bombshell: the life and crimes of claw money

she stole the crowns from the kings of the male-dominated graffiti movement.


May 22 2007


In the early ’90s paintings of three-taloned paws with quirky messages began popping up on walls and subways throughout New York City. Twenty years into the explosion of this ephemeral art, female graffiti writer Claw Money was seeking to steal the crowns from the current kings of a male dominated movement. With her new book Bombshell: The Life and Crimes of Claw Money (powerHouse Books) the fashion school drop-out turned successful designer, stylist, and editor can now add another accomplishment to her list: author. Bombshell features essays from some of Claw's closest friends (Minya Quirk, DAZE, Sacha Jenkins), and intimate accounts of growing up in the city. Claw, a girl who would drink and smoke the boys under the table, "change clothes, grab paint, and go bombing," also includes personal collages and photos to document the qualities that have defined her persona over the past years: glamour, aggression, and confidence. Don't be surprised if Bombshell comes across as a bit narcissistic, and don't expect Claw to offer any apologies.

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