the hoax

a movie based on a lie, that throws in a few lies itself...


April 24 2007


In 1971 writer Clifford Irving shocked the literary world when he revealed that he had obtained interviews with one of the worlds most powerful and reclusive business tycoons—Howard Hughes—and was set to write his autobiography. Shocking? Yes. True? Not even kind of. This stunt caused a media frenzy that would go down in history as one of the greatest public deceptions of the century. Richard Gere plays Irving in the 2007 adaptation of the ’70s scandal aptly named The Hoax, a movie based on a lie, that throws in a few lies itself (as if things aren't complicated enough already.) Alfred Molina and Marcia Gay Harden play Irving’s accomplices—best friend Dick Susskind and wife Edith Irving—who enliven the colorful scenario's the Hoax’s playfully imagine Irving may have gone through en route to fame and success. The amusing trio may leave you feeling torn as to which team you should be rooting for when the scandal falls apart and sentences are being determined. Scattered clips of ’70s news segments throughout the film tie in both comic relief via politicians ironic predictions for the future and conspiracy theories concerning Hughes' connection to Nixon's Watergate scandal. While the film may not school it's viewers on what actually happened back in 1971 it will almost certainly spark an interest to do a little research of your own.

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