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July 14 2010



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Rainstorms are fun.  Hair storms, not so much.  So thanks to the sporadic downpours we've had in Manhattan all week, we've been testing every new de-frizzing agent in the NYLON beauty closet.

Our favorite so far?  The arsenal from Twisted Sista, a line of calming haircare products that retail across the country for under $6.  Though it's aimed specifically at "ethnic" hair, it works on all types of tresses during the humid treachery of hurricane season.

Created to maintain the shape of your natural hair spiral, but leave it without the flyaways, the range has shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, and a leave-in detangler that leaves hair smooth - and leaves you smelling a little like fabric softener.

We're fans of this stuff because it's effective and cheap - so you can glop a ton onto your roots and ends during a thunderstorm, without feeling guilty that you're wasting precious product.

$5.50 per product, available at drugstores nationwide

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