the 8 winners of our #showusyourbling contest!

by: ray siegel

June 26 2013


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We asked you to post an Instagram pic of your best Bling Ring movie-inspired looks using the hashtag #ShowUsYourBling.

We had high expectations, and you guys delivered bigtime.

We saw red bottomed-Louboutins (a Bling Ring emulation must), Kitson logos, bedroom selfie shots, and some great captions: "I wanna rob." After all, that's the spirit of this competition! But our grand prize winner went the extra mile--@brynnwallner got all decked out and posed in front of the Chateau Marmont.

Plus, she was holding a copy of our Young Hollywood issue. Peep the winners circle below, and if you haven't already, head to the movies to see The Bling Ring this weekend.  Click here to see the grand prize!

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