alt+j and moshcam

The home of live music video…

When the folks over at the new web site hit us up, we were totally stoked because basically 99-percent of our time spent watching anything is music related. The innovative new site is based out of Australia (also one of our favorite places) and is just creeping its way into exposure here in the states. Moscam's main focus is showcasing broadcast quality, full-length live concert footage and artist interviews from around the world. Not to mention provide exclusive behind-the-scenes look inside the touring lives of some of today’s most influential artists.

The crew sent over their latest interviews with Gwil and Thom from Alt+J, and after watching the interview, we ended up spending over an hour on the site. The high quality and in-depth content makes all the difference--where short clips often leave us underwhelmed, the Moshcam experience really is a lot more satisfying for huge music fans like us.

Check out the interview with Alt+J below and see what they have to saw about jet lag, mushrooms, and everything in-between. If you don't know of these dudes[,] trust us, you'll love them. And when you do[,] you'll want to keep up with them on Twitter HERE. Follow Moshcam on Twitter HERE and just be warned--when you head over to the site, you might want to clear out an hour of your schedule, because it's really that rad!