9 Amy Winehouse Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard

    In honor of what would’ve been her 34th birthday

    by · September 14, 2016

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    Today marks what would’ve been the late Amy Winehouse’s 34th birthday. It’s been five years since the young singer died of alcohol poisoning, but her snappy personality and transformative voice are forever immortalized in her exceptional, brutally honest, and provocative songs.

    Despite only releasing two official albums, along with a posthumous one and multiple B-Sides, Winehouse’s collection of tunes consists of more than what’s available on your streaming service of choice. Her label has said that the unreleased songs are locked in a vault, never to be released to the general public. But if the internet’s good for anything, it’s unearthing what we assumed was lost forever.

    A handful of fans have uploaded these fabled songs and performances from Winehouse’s career, which include the same bravado and soul she’s known for. Ahead, check out a selection of unreleased tracks and covers from the artist. Even though we can listen to Frank or Back to Black on a loop for hours at a time, sometimes it’s nice to hear a familiar voice singing a different tune. We’ll never tire of more Amy, Amy, Amy, after all.

    This is one of our favorite covers from the singer. She sings the original Carole King song as if it were her own.

    One of Winehouse’s biggest talents was her ability to sing a ballad with the same conviction as she does a playful tune, like “Fuck Me Pumps.” This song is a little taste of the latter as Winehouse playfully sings about her shopping habits. “Save the whole floor for my haute couture/ When I’ve got more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw/ More bags than I can store/ I want more, more, more, more, more.”

    Here the singer gives a raw, chilling performance of Donne Hathaway’s “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know.”

    “Everyone who hears [the song] ‘Procrastinate’ loves it,” former co-president of Island Records Ted Cockle told The Guardian in 2011. The label’s now-president Darcus Beese adds that the song will never reach the public. “If you ever hear ‘Procrastinate,’ you have my permission to come into my offices here in Kensington and fire me,” he said. We’re pretty sure Beese still has a job, but this version of the song has one million listens and counting, so…

    This song was included on the U.K. release of Frank but not on the U.S. one. Americans, here’s what you’ve been missing.

    In a 2007 London performance, Winehouse remixes her own song “He Can Only Hold Her,” with a soulful rendition of Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing).”

    This track locks in at only a minute and a half, but it’s not short on emotion.

    Not many can hold a candle to jazz queen Ella Fitzgerald, but Winehouse comes very close to lighting the match with her version of “Someone To Watch Over Me.”

    Rolling Stone interprets this song, heartbreakingly so, as “a time before [Winehouse] sought escape through drugs and alcohol, when her mind and music provided all the refuge she required.” It’s hard not to wonder what other gems would’ve emerged from the artist’s often twisted life, had she been given the time.

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