15 Recipes That Will Have You Dying To Celebrate Día De Los Muertos

    Chef-approved and guaranteed to bring out the spirits

    by · October 28, 2016
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    Not that we need another reason to indulge in margaritas and enchiladas drenched in drool-inducing homemade mole, but come Tuesday, we’ll have one. While many of us will be getting over the Great Halloween Hangover of 2016, the homebodies out there (i.e. those of us who’ll be staying behind closed doors starting tonight through Tuesday morning in fear of being dragged into some form of a costume frenzy) will be using the excuse of Dia de los Muertos, aka Day of the Dead, to throw a culinary feast instead.

    A millenniums-old Aztec celebration during which people honor their departed loved ones, Dia de los Muertos is a national holiday practiced in Mexico, marked by a massive parade and festival where attendees dress up and paint their faces in a most impressive manner. (If you’ve never witnessed this IRL or on URL, we suggest you Google it now) During this colorful day, it is believed that souls come back to the families left behind, expecting to have something good waiting for them. In addition to crafting intricate altars adorned with sugar skulls, Pan de Muerto, candles, and marigold, those alive honor the by cooking their favorite food and drinks in hopes of helping them on their spiritual journey in the after-life. Despite the somewhat morbid background, the holiday couldn’t be farther from a downer, with people celebrating and remembering those who have passed with dishes as vibrant and flavorful as the lives they lived.departed

    Welcome the spirits into your home by checking out the best Mexican-inspired food and drinks recipes straight from master chefs and mixologists all over the country in the gallery ahead. Good luck getting the departed to leave your abode after this.

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