Photo by Michael Kovac


jojo returns with “far from heaven”

don’t leave or get out, yet

JoJo, a true elusive chanteuse, is back. The Aquamarine actress debuted her new song “Far From Heaven” earlier this week. It’s a far cry from “Leave (Get Out),” but hey, time changes everything.

Now, at the age of 24, JoJo’s exploring relationships that cut deeper than innocent cheating. Rather than being reactive, she’s longing to see things from her other’s perspective—a true sign a maturity. This piano-driven ballad doesn’t place the blame on any one person, but seeks to understand where a relationship turned sour instead. Her delivery is raw and believable; this is JoJo reborn as a pop-soul star. She’s currently , and if “Far From Heaven” is of any indication, it’s going to be glorious one.

Welcome back, girl. (via Rap-Up)